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Sweet Bonanza Slot Review – Features and Gameplay Explained

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Even though countless slot games are available at online casinos, they can be very similar and repetitive in terms of the game mechanics and ways to win. So if you’re looking for something different, then Sweet Bonanza slot is the game you must try!

It’s a unique slot game that breaks away from the usual mechanics and introduces fun features such as tumble wins and massive multipliers. There are so many great things about the Sweet Bonanza slot game, and we’ll cover everything in this Sweet Bonanza review – the gameplay, features, payouts, and much more. Without further ado, let’s see what this casino game offers and how you can play Sweet Bonanza to try your luck at big wins.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Overview

Sweet Bonanza was released in 2019, developed by the reputed gaming provider Pragmatic Play. Seasoned online Sweet Bonanza Glory Casino players must already know about this company, as they are one of the top providers of iGaming products and have created many amazing online casino slot games. So that itself adds to the credibility of the Sweet Bonanza slot.

The game has a lovely design with a colorful theme, smooth animations, and lively background music, which complements its captivating and highly entertaining gameplay. True to its name, the symbols consist of an assortment of fruits, sweets, and candies with bright, eye-catching colors. But that’s just about the aesthetics, so let’s focus on the more important things – the game mechanics and features of Sweet Bonanza game.

Sweet Bonanza Game Interface

Now once you open the game and get ready to play, here’s what you’ll find in the interface:

Sweet Bonanza slot

As you can see, the game consists of a 5×6 grid with six reels and five rows. Your total balance, current bet amount, and the settings and info button are at the bottom left, while your last winning is displayed at the center. To the bottom right, you’ll find the options to set and adjust your bet, the spin button, and the Autoplay button, which lets you keep the reels spinning automatically for a set number of rounds.

On the left side of the game grid, you can see two additional features – the “Buy Feature” and the “Double Chance to Win Feature,” which we’ll explain in the later section.

Sweet Bonanza Symbols and Payouts

There 10 total symbols in the Sweet Bonanza slot. These symbols pay out when more than eight of them appear on the grid.

Here are all the symbols present in the Sweet Bonanza play and their payouts:

  1. Banana

8-9 bananas pay 0.25x your bet.

10-11 0.75x your bet.

12+ bananas pay 2x your bet.

  1. Blueberries

8-9 blueberries pay 0.4x your bet.

10-11 blueberries pay 0.9x your bet.

12+ blueberries pay 4x your bet.

  1. Melons

8-9 melons pay 0.5x your bet.

10-11 melons pay 1x your bet.

12+ melons pay 5x your bet.

  1. Peaches

8-9 peaches pay 0.8x your bet.

10-11 peaches pay 1.2x your bet.

12+ peaches pay 8x your bet.

  1. Apples

8-9 apples pay 1x your bet.

10-11 apples pay 1.5x your bet.

12+ apples pay 10x your bet.

  1. Blue candy

8-9 blue candies pay 1.5x your bet.

10-11 blue candies pay 2x your bet.

12+ blue candies pay 12x your bet.

  1. Green candy

8-9 green candies pay 2x your bet.

10-11 green candies pay 5x your bet.

12+ green candies pay 15x your bet.

  1. Purple candy

8-9 purple candies pay 2.5x your bet.

10-11 purple candies pay 10x your bet.

12+ purple candies pay 25x your bet.

  1. Red heart candy

8-9 red candies pay 10x your bet.

10-11 red candies pay 25x your bet.

12+ red candies pay 50x your bet.

  1. Spiral Lollipop (Scatter)

4 lollipops pay 3x your bet.

5 lollipops pay 5x your bet.

6 lollipops pay 100x your bet.

These lollipops are also the scatter symbol in this game, and when four or more of these appear on the grid, it triggers the free spins round. More about the free spins round will be explained later when we discuss the features of the Sweet Bonanza slot game.

Sweet Bonanza Tumble Win Feature That Pays Anywhere

When you spin the reels in the Sweet Bonanza slot, a random set of symbols lands on the grid. Whenever there are eight or more of the same symbol on the screen, they explode, and you win their respective payouts. These symbols do not need to appear in specific paylines. They will payout from any position as long as eight or more are on the screen.

After the matching symbols explode, more symbols drop down to occupy their places. If another matching combination appears when new symbols drop down, they will explode as well, and more symbols will drop again. This continues for every single spin until there are no more matching symbols of 8 or more in the entire board. This feature is called the ‘tumble win’ feature. So you could win big rewards with a single spin if multiple matches keep tumbling after each explosion.

How to Play Sweet Bonanza Slot – Game Mechanics and Features

Obviously, the first thing is that you should have an account in an online casino where this game is available. If you don’t have one yet, you should register and create an account on a reputed and reliable casino platform. The good thing is that Pragmatic Play is one of the biggest gaming providers in the online casino industry. Their games are usually available on most, if not all, casino sites. That means you can easily find Sweet Bonanza games in different online casinos.

The gameplay is quite simple:

  • Set your bet.
  • Spin the wheel.
  • Wait for the symbols to land and for the tumbling to end for each round.

But many features make the game exciting. The tumbling system in itself is an excellent aspect of the game, allowing you to win multiple times in a single spin. On top of that, the symbols pay anywhere, so you have more chances of winning. Other than that, here are some more interesting features of the game.

Bet Multiplier

When you’re ready to play, you’d first want to set your bet. The + and – buttons at the bottom right opens the betting menu.

Here, you can adjust the “BET” value and the “COIN VALUE.”

BET determines how many coins you can wager on a line, and the value ranges from 1 to 10.

COIN VALUE determines the value of each coin, just like its name suggests. Its value ranges from $0.01 to $0.50.

A bet multiplier of 20x is applied in this game. So your total bet amount is calculated as:


That means if you set the bet value at five and the coin value at 0.01, the total bet amount will be $1.

Sweet Bonanza betting menu

Free Spins Mode

The free spins mode is activated when four or more scatter symbols land on the board. In this mode, you get 10 free spins. The tumble win system applies for each spin in this mode as well. In addition, a new symbol also appears exclusively in this mode – the candy bomb. Candy bombs have random multipliers on them ranging from 2x to 100x. Whenever a candy bomb lands on the screen, its value is multiplied by the total tumble win accumulated in that round. If there are multiple candy bombs, their multiplier values are added and then multiplied by the winnings.

Here’s an example:

  • If your tumble wins in a spin is $300, and there is a 5x candy bomb on the screen, your total payout will be $1500.
  • If your tumble wins in a spin is $100, and there is an 8x and 12x multiplier, your total payout is $100 x (8+12) = $2000.

If you’re lucky, you can enjoy big tumble wins combined with multiple big multiplier candy bombs, which means you could even win millions!

Also, five extra free spins will be added if you land three scatter symbols (lollipops) in the free spins round.

  1. Buy Feature

The Buy Feature lets you buy 10 free spins and instantly activate the free spins mode by paying 100x your stake amount.

  1. Double Chance to Win Feature

When you turn this feature on, your bet multiplier is increased from 20x to 25x, doubling the chances of landing scatter symbols on the screen. This feature will make it twice as likely to trigger the free spins mode. However, activating this mode will disable the feature of instantly buying free spins.

  1. Minimum and Maximum Bets

The lowest bet value is 1, and the lowest coin value is $0.01. With the standard bet multiplier of 20x, the minimum bet in Sweet Bonanza play will be 1 x 0.01 x 20 = $0.2.

Similarly, the highest bet and coin values are 10 and $0.05, respectively. And if you activate the Double Chance feature, it will increase the bet multiplier to 25x. That means the maximum bet in Sweet Bonanza play will be 10 x 0.5 x 25 = $125.


As you can see, the Sweet bonanza slot game is quite different from most classic slots, as it has some interesting mechanics that allow players to win big. That is why it is considered a medium to high volatility game with a 96.48% RTP. As such, it is an entertaining game and quite rewarding. The main aim of players is to trigger the free spins mode because that is where the payouts can get insanely huge, thanks to the candy bomb multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum bet amount required to play Sweet Bonanza?

To play Sweet Bonanza, the minimum bet amount is just $0.2. Even players on a low budget can enjoy this game.

What is the maximum bet in the Sweet Bonanza game?

The maximum bet in this game is $125 per spin.

Can I play Sweet Bonanza for free?

While the actual game requires players to wager with real money, a free demo version lets players try out the game with virtual money.

How much money can I win in Sweet Bonanza?

Due to the tumble win feature and the candy bomb multiplier, there really isn’t a fixed limit on how much you can win in Sweet Bonanza slots. If you’re lucky, you can even win thousands of times your bet amount.

What should I do if I face any issues with the game?

If you face any issues when you play Sweet Bonanza, you should contact the customer support of the casino platform where you play this game.