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How to Play Aviator (Spribe) Slot Game

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Online casino slot games are always fun because they’re simple to play while offering a chance for players to win big rewards. Now when it comes to the regular online slots, there’s not much you can do except spin the reel and hope for winning combinations. But one of the more interesting categories of slot games is multipliers, where players have some control over the gameplay and their chance to win.

There are many amazing multiplier slot games, but one of the most exciting and popular games is Aviator by Spribe. This game is super easy to learn and play, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely enjoy every second of it. 

So, how do you play Aviator, and what is the gameplay like? Read on as we explain every aspect of the Aviator game in detail. As a bonus, we’ll also throw in some effective tips and strategies to boost your chances of winning and make you a pro at this game.

Overview of Aviator Game

Aviator is a casual multiplier slot game developed by Spribe, a reputed company specializing in casino games and various iGaming products. The company was founded in 2018, and Aviator is their first and flagship game. Since then, they have released many other casino games, including poker, but the Aviator casino game still stands strong as their most popular product.

The reason why this Aviator game online is so well received by casino lovers is because of its simplicity, entertainment value, and chances of massive rewards. So, let’s see how the game works and what’s in store for players.

Gameplay and Features of Aviator Slot

While the game is very plain and simple, there are different things you have to be aware of to understand the gameplay thoroughly.

Spribe Aviator Gameplay

Let’s begin with a basic explanation of how the game works. In the Aviator slot, the main game mechanics involve a plane taking off and flying on the screen. As the plane takes flight, a multiplier starts from 1.00x and steadily increases, then at one point, the plane flies off the screen at a random multiplier value.

Players have to place their bets before the game round begins, and they can cash out their bet anytime before the plane flies off and the round ends. That is the main goal of players – to cash out at any point before the round ends, upon which their winnings will be determined by their bet amount multiplied by the value of the multiplier at which they cashed out.

For example, say you bet $10 at the start of the round. The plane takes off, and the multiplier starts to rise from 1.00x. If you cash out when it reaches 2.00x, you win $20. After cashing out, even if the multiplier keeps on going further, it will make no difference to you for that round. However, if you wait too long and the plane flies off before you cash out, you lose the money wagered in that round.

Since this is a multiplayer game, many people will play simultaneously, betting in each round. After the end of each round, there is a 5-second cooldown until the next one begins. That sums up the entire gameplay of the Aviator casino game.

Additional Game Features

Now let’s talk about some of its features:

  1. Round History

The results of 60 previous rounds are displayed on the screen, showing you the value of multipliers at which each round ended. Even though the game’s results are always random, the round history can help you make better guesses.

  1. Frequency of multipliers

Usually, the round ends more often at low multipliers ranging from 1.00x to 5.00x. The only exception is for a round ending instantly at 1.00x itself, which rarely happens. The odds for the plane to keep flying for anywhere between 5.00x and 10.00x is quite low, and multipliers going above 10.00x is also a rare possibility.

So most of the rounds will usually end before 5.00x, and big multipliers that go above 10.00x occur only every once in a while.

  1. Auto-bet can Auto-cash out

Players also have the option to use the auto-bet feature, which lets them choose the desired bet amount and for how many rounds they want the system to wager it automatically. Similarly, in the auto-cash-out feature, players can set a fixed multiplier value at which they want the system to cash out their bet automatically, provided that the plane keeps flying until then.

  1. Chat feature

Being a multiplayer game, the Aviator slot also allows you to chat with other participating players. This adds a social element to the game and makes it more interactive.

  1. Backed by Provably Fair technology

Provably Fair is an advanced system that lets players check the fairness and transparency of game results. So it’s proof that Aviator slots is an authentic luck-based game with completely random results determined by RNG.

Aviator Game Interface

Interface in the Aviator slot

The center of the screen is where all the action happens, with the plane taking off and the multiplier gradually going up. On the left side of the screen, you can check bets placed by all players in each round in real-time, a record of your own bets and winnings, and a list of the biggest wins bagged by players in the past day, month, or year.

At the top of the center screen is where you can see the results of the previous 60 rounds. And at the bottom is your betting interface, where you can set your wager amount, place bets and cash out.

So the interface is compact and makes it very easy for players to enjoy the game.

How to Play Aviator Casino Game

In order to play the Aviator slot, first, you need to visit an online casino that features this game and create an account there. But you can skip this step if you already have an account in an online casino where Aviator is also available to play.

After that, you just need to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. If not, make a deposit. Then just open the game and jump right in. If a round is already going on when you enter, you can still place a bet, and the system will automatically queue it for the start of the next round.

Anyone can get the hang of the game right away because there are just two things you need to do:

  • Place your bet before a round starts.
  • Cash out your bet before a round ends.

But there are a few additional things to know about the game:

  • The maximum limit for the multiplier is 1,000,000x. But it’s very unlikely for the plane to reach that far, so the odds are almost next to impossible. However, there have been past instances where the multiplier has gone as far as 100,000x.
  • The minimum bet limit is $0.10, so you can play even on a low budget.
  • The maximum bet limit is $100.
  • You can place two simultaneous bets in every round, which means you can wager up to $200 total per round.

And that’s about it! You don’t need to learn any complex game mechanisms. A single button to place and cash out your bet is all it takes to have endless fun with the Aviator game.

How to Win Aviator Game – Tips and Strategies

As simple as the game is, the real thrill is in trying to maximize your winnings by predicting when to cash out and when the plane may fly up to high multiplier values. Of course, like any chance-based casino game, there is no guaranteed method, strategy, or technique to make 100% accurate predictions. But some tips and strategies can help you make smart guesses, minimize losses, and aim for either steady or big wins.

Here are some Spribe Aviator game tricks you can try out:

  1. Low-risk strategies

One thing you can do in this game is to play it safe by consistently cashing out on small multipliers, preferably below 2.00x. Since low multipliers are frequent, you won’t lose your bets too often.

The thing about playing it safe is that you’d also want to wager slightly larger amounts. Because if you wager $1 and cash out at 1.50x every time, you’re only winning 50 cents each round. But if you wager $10 and cash out early on at $1.20x, you’ll win $2, which is four times more than the previous winning.

But don’t bet too big with this strategy, like $50 or $100, because even if just one round ends super quick at less than a 1.10x multiplier, you’ll lose a big amount right then and there.

  1. Balancing high and low bets

Since the game allows you to place two bets in the same round, you can take advantage of this by simultaneously placing a bigger and smaller bet. Set the bigger bet to an auto-cash out at less than 2.00x to play it safe, and take risks with the smaller bet amount by trying to aim for bigger wins.

For example, say you set a $100 bet to auto-cash out at 1.20x and a second bet of $10 that you plan to cash out manually. The first bet can win you $20, so even if you lose the second bet, you’d still be up by $10 in total. This gives you the freedom to pursue higher multipliers with your second bet.

  1. Start small, and increase your bets based on winnings

This is a strategy to take risks while minimizing losses. The idea is to start with small bets and play safe, mostly cashing out below 2.00x. If you’re lucky and win a few rounds in succession (which you most likely will if you cash out early), you can take risks by wagering a portion of your winnings.

For example, say you started with $100, and after some rounds, your balance is now at $200. So you can play it risky with $50 on the next bet because even if you lose it, you’ll still be up by $50 compared to what you started with. Remember that you shouldn’t get carried away with this strategy. So if you wager half your winnings and win again, don’t repeat the same thing but revert to playing it safe for the next few rounds.

  1. Try the reverse Martingale strategy

The reverse Martingale strategy is to half your bet every time you take a loss and double the bet if you win. This technique doesn’t guarantee constant success, but it does prevent you from losing too much when your luck is down.

After playing multiple rounds and getting more experience in the game, you can combine these different strategies to find out what works more in your favor. Also, remember to keep a keen eye on the rounds history so you can make close guesses. For example, if you can see that the multiplier has stayed below 5.00x for a long time in the last 60 rounds, it can indicate that a high multiplier will appear soon. Closely tracking the frequency and pattern of winnings will help you understand Aviator game signals to some extent.

Where to play Aviator Online Game

You can play Spribe Aviator Slot at various reputed online casinos, as it is quite a popular game. But before you register at an online casino that features Aviator, make sure that it is a licensed and registered gambling platform. Also, go for casinos with good promotional offers, so you can get your hands on some bonus money which will let you enjoy the Aviator online game with more funds in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum bet to play the Aviator slot?

The minimum bet in the Aviator game is just $0.10 or 10 cents, so it’s perfect for players who don’t want to wager big.

What is the maximum amount I can bet in Aviator online game?

You can bet a maximum of $100 in a single bet. But the game allows players to make two bets each round, so a total of $200 can be wagered every round.

How can I win at the Aviator game?

Aviator slot is a luck-based game, so there is no guaranteed way of winning every round. You can only use some strategies and your instincts to try and make the best decision on when to cash out.

How can I win at the Aviator game?

Aviator slot is a luck-based game, so there is no guaranteed way of winning every round. You can only use some strategies and your instincts to try and make the best decision on when to cash out.

How long does each session of Aviator last?

The timing for every round varies, depending on how long the plane will keep going before flying away from the screen, and a random number generator software decides that.